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  • The modern classic with holding belts
  • patented threaded rod expander
  • wide, soft anatomic holding belt
  • adaptive fastening apertures
  • safety clip
  • small-size design
  • also for foreskin elongation
  • PeniMaster® PRO

  • The new form of power and comfort
  • patented physiological bio function design
  • adapts to the glans without squeezing or deforming it
  • combines vacuum, adhesion, and positive-locking fit!
  • can be used with gliding oil optionally!
  • foreskin and lymph protection
  • can be worn with belt or rods
  • immediately pleasant without familiarisation
  • also applicable without pump ball
  • Why PeniMaster?

  • World's best vacuum extender
  • Improves the quality of sex life
  • Increases libido and potency
  • First resualts after 4 weeks
  • Results are permanent
  • Perfect Quality, Made in Germany
  • Сertified products
  • Fast and Discreet shipping
  • PeniMaster® and PeniMaster® PRO

    Patented physiological expanders stretching the penis over an extended period of time without any pain and, thus, stimulating its cell tissue.

    What is Penimaster

    The penis expander PeniMaster® and PeniMaster® PRO from Germany works for safely extend, thicken and straighten the penis without the need for operations or plastic surgery. It can also be used to extend or recover the foreskin.

    The targeted results are permanent, i.e., they remain even after treatment has ended. The use of the device has a positive effect on the libido and increases potency of a man and his ability to maintain an erection.

    Sexual complexes due to a penis perceived as small or that is actually small can be alleviated or managed in this way. The device is suitable for circumcised and non-circumcised men of all ages and can be adapted to any penis size. PeniMaster PRO can be attached rapidly within the shortest amount of time without help from a third person (e.g. an urologist) and can be worn under normal trousers.

    In doing this, the penis is gently and softly stretched which stimulates the formation of new body cells, which leads to the desired permanent enlargement, thickening or straightening of the penis. The treatment ranges from several hours a day to a total time period of several months, until the desired cosmetic correction is achieved.

    PeniMaster® is safe and easy in its application!

    The stretching device is suited for uncircumcised as well as for circumcised men of all ages and can be easily adjusted to each penis size without third-party-help (e.g. the urologist).

    The device can be worn in everyday life easyly without being seen under loose-fitting pants. Even an erection while wearing is no problem with the PeniMaster®.

    Through soft and gentle stretching the formation of new cells is stimulated.
    By an application of a minimum of 6 hours a day, lasting results are guaranteed!

    Which results can be expected with the PeniMaster® penis enlarger?

  • Penis curves / deviations are visibly moderated
  • Sexual desire, greater efficiency and harder erections can be expected
  • Extension of the penis - 0,5 cm in a relaxed state (per month)
  • Enlargement of the penis - 0,75 cm in erectied state (per month)
  • Penis girth increases "realistically" up to 2 cm
  • Efficiency proven in clinical studies
  • Immediately - penis enlargement effect after just 30 minutes upon application

  • Short instructions (how to use PeniMaster®)

    1. Adapt to penis lenght

    Adapt the PeniMaster to the length of your extended, flaccid penis with the help of the extension rods.

    2. Wrap comfort tape

    Guide the flaccid penis through the basic ring and wrap the comfort tape around the penis. It is also possible to withdraw the foreskin before wrapping.

    3. Attach holding belt

    Place the holding belt behind the glans.

    4. Fix penis

    Put the two ends of the holding belt into the slots of the contact surface and tighten the same carefully until the penis is fixed.

    5. Finished!

    PeniMaster has now been adjusted properly. You can use the device either in an upwards or downwards direction, as you like it.

    Penimaster Video

    Penimaster video

    How long should the penis enlarger be worn?

    You should apply PeniMaster® daily for at least three hours. However, longer wearing improves the result! After every 60 to 90 minutes take a 15 minutes break and massage the penis to stimulate the blood circulation. These short breaks will encourage growth. You can wear the device - after a couple of days of familiarization - as long as you like under loose-fitting clothes (please think of the breaks every 60 to 90 minutes!).

    Wearing the device for 6 or more hours per day will lead to optimal growth results. There is basically no time limit on how many weeks or months you can use the PeniMaster®. Far from it, the longer you wear the PeniMaster® , the more satisfying the results will be.

    It is advised against night treatment as during sleep no regenerative massage breaks can be made, which can potentially lead to injury.

    Try the PeniMaster® for three weeks with full money-back guarantee!

    3 years warranty on all parts of PeniMaster® (except for straps and comfort strips) regarding material or manufacturing defects. Repair or replacement are free of charge.

    You have a 3 weeks testing period, to test the full benefits of the PeniMasters®.

    In case the device does not live up to your expectations, you have the chance to send the product back, in which case you will get back the full purchase price including costs for shipping and delivery and sending back the product. So you have no financial risk whatsoever with buying the PeniMasters® or Penimaster® Pro.

    No risk with the purchase of PeniMaster®! Not up to your expectations? Simply send back the PeniMaster® within three weeks and you will get your money back!

    Try now


    • 1 x PeniMaster®PRO (basic system) - Anatomically selfadapting connection to the glans of the penis
      • 1 x Sluice ring
      • 2 x Split adapter (two sizes)
      • 1 x Standard rotary valve
    • 1 x Pump ball application system
    • 1 x ProMaster Comfort and Care
    • 1 x Starter-set diaphragm and sluice
    • 1 x DVD Tutorials (DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, PT, RU, TR...)
    • 1 x Manual
    • 1 x Case
    • 1 x PeniMaster®PRO belt expander system
    • 1 x PeniMaster®PRO rod expander system:
      • 1 x Basic ring incl. spring balance
      • 1 x Coupling socket
      • Complete set extension rods:
      • 6 x 0,5cm, 2 x 2cm, 2 x 4cm, 2 x 6cm, 2 x 8cm

    The delivery will be implemented by using a neutral, sealed mail package without any advertisements or product notes.


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